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Proudly serving the citizens of Hoboken's 3rd Ward.


Committed to the City of Hoboken

Dr. Michael Russo is proud to serve as the 3rd Ward Councilman and is committed to the continual improve of our great city. Feel free to browse the policies he has placed a special importance on and leave a message if you have any questions  or concerns!

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Why is recreation so important? Municipalities that have a robust recreation platform create better social bonds, are generally healthier and in most cases, happier.

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Affordable housing isn't just giving people a cheap place to live; housing is the key to reducing intergenerational poverty and increasing economic mobility.

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Constituent Services

Hoboken residents come first. As an elected official, my job is to listen to Hoboken residents and support them to the best that I can. I’d love to meet with you at my office hours and listen to your concerns and suggestions about improving the community.

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Parking is not only important to the growth of an economy and local business, but for allowing our constiuents to enjoy our beautiful city with convenience.

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Senior Citizen Services

Seniors in Hoboken have contributed to our personal growth and the health of our community as a whole. It’s time to rebuild our connections with our senior community and honor them in the ways they deserve.

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Veteran Services

Veterans have worked hard and dedicated themselves to ensure the liberties our country so deeply values. They have made sacrifices on our behalf and this does not go unnoticed when our government demonstrates deep gratitude, respect and support.

Vote 1E For Dr. Michael Russo

Dear Friend,

It has been a privilege and an honor to represent you on the City Council, and I’m excited to be running for re-election. With your help, as your Councilman, I’ve advocated for major quality of life upgrades that have made our neighborhood the best place to live in Hoboken.  

As you may recall one of my promises to you has been to increase the amount of open space and recreational opportunities in our ward. I have been most proud of the addition of a major parks and recreational complex on Jackson Street from 6th Street to 8th Street. The park, plaza and new recreation center have developed into a true multi use facility. It has hosted movies under the stars, community and cultural festivals, various athletic leagues and during COVID as a facility where both testing and immunization were provided. In addition, our Madison Street Splash Park has already undergone a major renovation since its grand opening and is one of the city’s best and most utilized parks, and there is more to come.

Last year, I had the privilege of leading the city council as its President. During my tenure, I was able to help bridge divides and work with my fellow councilpersons and the administration to enacted changes that created consistency, a streamlined government, and mutual respect. There were too many projects that were completed during the year to list, but some are noteworthy. We secured a $15M funding opportunity for open space, at 800 Monroe Street, in the 3rd Ward. We designated our Housing Authority property, including the Christopher Columbus Gardens buildings on 8th and 9th Streets, as an area of redevelopment.  This paved the way for an unprecedented repositioning, giving our families the same quality of life enjoyed by other residents of the city, fulfilling another promise to bring new affordable housing and middle-income housing opportunities to our residents.

On the Council, I continually advocate for added infrastructure upgrades throughout the Third Ward, like road repaving, streetlight repairs and massive upgrades to our water and sewer systems. I have partnered with my council collogues to make important pedestrian safety upgrades as well, repairing sidewalks, increasing ADA compliance, and installing new stop signs throughout the ward.

We have also moved citywide projects forward, like the acquisition of Union Dry Dock ensuring the future of a fully accessible waterfront, secured a location for the future DPW garage, paved the way for a new hotel and so much more – the list goes on.

I know there is so much more that can be done in the years ahead. I want to continue this journey, where I grew up, right here in Hoboken. I believe the best of our City is to come, and I look forward to continuing my public service for you.

I hope my record of fighting for our Ward has earned your trust and earned your vote as I run for re-election on November 7th.

Thank you,

Dr. Michael Russo

Councilman, 3rd Ward 

An Advocate for Residents' Public Safety

When it comes to emergency services, such as the Hoboken Fire Department, Councilman Russo has advocated for retaining the organic capability for Hoboken residents' to retain their own EMS departments.

Working Together Today

To Build an Even Better Tomorrow

Sometimes we let our own personal beliefs get in the way of progress, and that is to be expected! It is human nature after all to proudly stand behind the ideals we believe in. Dr. Michael Russo and his adminstration are working to solicit bipartisan solutions to solve real problems facing the city of Hoboken, and he wants your help! 

The Future of the 3rd Ward

We believe that having a vision of what the 3rd Ward looks like going forward is key; it gives us a metric to measure success with and it promotes predictability and transparency in government.

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